Learn Webino

Webino™ is a boilerplate for creating professional and modular web applications.
It’s built on PHP mainly with Zend Framework 2 and other useful open-source packages.


We are still working on the contents of this documentation.

Why Use Webino?

  • event-driven architecture
  • easy to learn, develop and deploy [TODO]
  • configurable and modular
  • well tested clean code [TODO]

Who Uses Webino?

Nobody is currently using this version of Webino™, it’s a prototype.


This version of Webino™ is experimental and intended for play.

If it will be proved by its authors, it will be used by enterprise web applications.

How Do I Get Started?

Copy a prototype branch of the Webino repository to your local machine.

git clone https://github.com/webino/Webino.git
git checkout prototype

Or download Webino as ZIP file. Then play with examples.


You can preview live examples at demo.webino.org