Command Line Interface

Webino™ has also full featured support for console applications.


Executing command line actions running application index file.

php index.php

See also

That shows a list of all available commands ● Console Example

Help Command

Every command also includes a help screen which displays and describes the command’s available arguments and options. Simply precede the name of the command with help to view a help screen.

php index.php help <command>

Interactive Console

The Webino™ application comes with a built in REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) that makes it easy to run PHP code in an interactive console. You can start the interactive console using:

php index.php shell

Then you can interact with application objects like following:


You have direct access to the $app and $cli objects.

# calling custom methods
# on the application object
>>> $app->file()->put('test.txt', 'Writing a test file from the runtime console.');

# calling custom methods
# on the console object
>>> $cli->out('Test console message.');


Runtime developer console is powered by PsySH.

Script Version

You may also view the current version of your Webino™ installation using the version command.

php index.php version

Custom Commands

Creating custom console commands.

namespace MyPackage\Console;

use WebinoAppLib\Console\AbstractConsoleCommand;
use WebinoAppLib\Event\ConsoleEvent;

class MyConsoleCommand extends AbstractConsoleCommand
    public function configure(ConsoleRoute $route)
            ->setTitle('My command title');
            ->setDescription('My command description.');

    public function handle(ConsoleEvent $event)
        $event->getCli()->out('My custom command example!');

Adding custom console command into application configuration.

use MyPackage\Console\MyConsoleCommand;

    new MyConsoleCommand,